Choice and Habit

Every single day we make thousands of choices. Are we going to finally get out of bed or hit the snooze button one more time? Do we want cereal or eggs for breakfast? Should we go right or left? How do we respond to that rude comment? How will doing so affect me? The thing … More Choice and Habit

A Note On Bigotry

I see the term “bigot” getting thrown around a lot lately, most of the time in a way intended to demean another person, and I feel the need to address this, because I don’t think everyone is fully understanding what this word actually means. As defined by Merriam-Webster, a bigot is “a person who strongly … More A Note On Bigotry

What Comes of An Empty Apartment and a Pot of Coffee

It’s about 6:00pm. I’ve already worked my job at the cafe, taken a nap, watched a couple episodes of Gilmore Girls while doing ab exercises and making paper roses out of The Three Musketeers for my wedding in September, and now I’m lying on my floor eating brownie batter and deciding what to do next. … More What Comes of An Empty Apartment and a Pot of Coffee

She Is

She is a writer. She exists in the gray area; in the dark matter; in the creative energy that swarms the mind and provokes it with inspiration, with a language that is not yet. She draws thoughts and emotions and philosophies and silence into art, creating strange patterns with strange symbols into strange stories that, … More She Is


I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such profound ennui as what I’ve experienced since returning from Rome. Granted, perhaps a little ironic, as my last blog post addressed how to avoid such things as ennui, but I’m going to write that off seeing as I had composed it before my trip. But before I can … More Rome

Fighting Listlessness

Listlessness. def: Characterized by lack of interest, energy, or spirit. ^A fancy, poetic synonym for the word “boredom.” I’ve come to hate the term, but find myself experiencing it nonetheless–not often, but certainly more often than I would prefer. Boredom’s presence is unnerving; too much like a spider that, no matter how many times you … More Fighting Listlessness